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Deep Kiss Dental Clinic Ft Renon Kanae Mai Yahiro

A lucky man has his painful teeth fixed at the revolutionary new ‘Deep Kiss Dental Clinic’ – where the dental nurses believe that every problem can be fixed by deep and sloppy kissing!

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I’m not exactly sure what this Japanese gentleman’s problems are, but next time I have toothache, I sure hope something like this happens to me when I visit the dental clinic. It might not fix my pain, but it sure would take my mind off it and then some for a little while.

The course of treatment certainly involves plenty of deep kissing from these two beauties (Renon Kanae and Mai Yahiro). Even when they are giving you a handjob, sucking you, riding your dick, or licking your ass, at least one of them has their tongue down the back of your throat.

This is full length JAV movie, running for 125 minutes. It sets the scene beautifully at the beginning, with the Japanese man arriving at the clinic, being greeted by the sexy staff complete with dental nurse outfits, an apparently normal and careful examination of his mouth (of course, both beautiful girls cock teasing in those outfits), then followed by long, prolonged, and delicious treatment of deep kissing!

What I like about this movie is that, as in so many Japanese porn films, the male actor clearly is having the time of his life. No acting there from a jaded stunt cock who has done it all before. It’s like you or me being in that situation – absolute nirvana written on to his face from start to finish! Perhaps he’s not even an actor but some incredibly lucky dude who walked into the clinic and found they were shooting porn that day?! He ends up with surely litres of their angel saliva in his throat, and finally repays them with his sperm in their thirsty mouths.

Both girls are absolutely beautiful, with long tongues that reach right into his lucky mouth, around his cock, and even into his ass. In particular, the taller girl (Taro Kanbe), has a very cool and ‘clinical’ air, as though she really could be a nurse. Produced by legendary studio SOD (Soft On Demand), you can watch the full 2 hour + video by either subscribing to the SOD channel, or by purchasing the video on its own for as little as $4. This video is one of a series of Deep Kiss Dental Clinic movies!